Episode 82

Published on:

10th Jul 2018

College Memories Pt. 1 (w/@12Kyle)

The Podcast is back, not only is it back, it's back with Kyle, and what's more the long anticipated College Years/Memories show to go along with the previous Grade School and High School Memories episodes (Go back and listen they are classic) ...also listen to this; Comment, Like, Share .... Part 2 coming soon @eclectik @PodcastEDP
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eclectik Discussion Podcast
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Sometimes you want to remember simpler or better times.
This show is 80s and 90s Nostalgia, Music, Pop-culture, and humor from eclectik, and the occasional guest.

Listen for Memories, Lists, Fantasy Drafts, concerning TV, Movies, Music, Games, Snacks, almost anything that a 70s baby and child of the 80s and 90s experienced

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