Episode 31

Published on:

8th Jan 2016

GI Joe Class of ’85

He’ll Pod for randomness blowing hubba bubba bubbles EDP is there! It’s @JCorduroy aginst @eclectik the enemy Podin’ to save the day Wear’n underoos Too tight underwear You choose to not listen he’s doesn’t even care Join me and my Guest @JCorduroy from the great Push to Regen site and podcast Where we will discuss GI Joe Favorite characters Least favorite characters The Cartoon The Movie Seizures … and a lot more! Why Class of 85? Well I’ll tell you … because the second half of the show we will dishout classic Yearbook awards to our beloved GI Joe Characters! It’s a laugh riot … a knee slapper … it’s the Polly’s beak! The Fifth is also represented … What do you want YOUR code name to be?
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