Episode 26

Published on:

7th Jan 2016

The Worst!

This is the part we dont like! Today’s episode we focus on The Worst The Bad stuff The Movies, TV Shows, Fads, etc that we never cared for growing up Join me and my guest @ClassickMateria (I THINK the one with the mask) from the Cold Slither Podcast We discuss all things we thought were wack covering: What were the worst fads that you can remember growing up? Worst in 80s and 90s Fashion Least favorite movies of the 80s and 90s? Failed Fast Food special menu items? Gadgets that didn’t take off or stay around long? Worst of the 80s and 90s Junk Foods Cartoons, Board Games, and more! Listen and find out or ponder … What kind of underwear did Classick’s classmate see? Why are Indie wrestlers mad at him? Pauly Shore got props? Whats with Hostess product names? Classick and Goo Gone? Finger Bang Jabber Jaw??? Just listen!
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